Sunday, May 31, 2009

Green Grass...Yay!!

Our lawn has been up for about 6 days. It is doing pretty good thanks to all of the warm weather we are finally having. This is the front yard...

and the back yard... Soon we will be mowing. It is still very thin but at least it looks more like a lawn now.

Mike put in a sidewalk and parking area to access the front of the turned out real well!! He put in railroad ties to seperate the grass and shale, it will make a nice edge. He just planted the grass this morning on this side of the sidewalk where the sprinkler is.

I got a few of my flower pots planted on the front porch as well. I have a couple of rocky berms to plant...originally I was going to use the rocky dirt for a waterfall pond feature, but that didn't happen so we made two planting beds. I am trying to get things to grow in the poor rocky soil. I think I will depend on Miracle Grow.

Lucy is ready to go for a walk with me. Pepi is down staying with Jimmy since Lucy is in season. I think we might be having pups in a couple of months...I'll keep you posted.

The backyard with my garden in the foreground...things are just starting to come up. I have my tomato and pepper plants in too. That is my little chicken house in the background. Here is a closer picture of it. It is home to 5 little red hens. Notice the copper weathervane on the was a gift from Kelly and Ryan last Christmas..We love it!! I'll have to get a better picture to post of it.

Starting tomorrow we are going to start on the painting of the house. First Mike is going to spray primer the soffits and deck railing, then spray paint them white. The color for our house is called Sedona Sands, the funny thing is, when I did a test spot on the house it was the same color that our siding is primed. We almost decided not to use it because it will be hard to tell where we have painted. We are going to give it a try though.
Mom and I got plants and planted a couple of her flower tubs today. Petunias, geraniums, lobelia and giant pansies. So sweet. I will get some pictures of them too.

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