Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Sweet Surprise in the Mail!!

I was so surprised to find this waiting for me at the PO the other night after work. My sweet daughter sent it to me for no particular reason, she knows this is one of my favorite sayings. I love it!! I have been wearing it since I got it. Thanks Kelly!! You are so thoughtful!!

Below are a couple of pix of the front of our house, the lawn is coming in pretty good, it is so nice not to be living in a dirt bowl anymore! Mike has mowed about 3 times now.

And the back of the house...
Yesterday was our 35th Wedding Anniversary, this is our wedding candle below. We are supposed to light it every year on our anniversary...but as you can by how much it has been burnt we forget to light it sometimes (alot!) It was all white, but about 10 years ago I decided to give it a face lift and painted it with roses and flowers. Much better!!

This last picture may be a little too graphic for some, so don't look if that is the case. I just couldn't help but snap this shot of Pepi. Mike had cut the hay behind the house and Pepi was out hunting mice. He was so proud of himself for getting one, he was carrying it all around. He ran from door to door trying to get us to let him in the house with it. But that wasn't going to happen, not even with that pathetic face of his. He was outside the screen wanting in.

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