Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekend Happenings

Friday morning we took off for Cashmere, we are keeping an eye on things while JD is in Alaska working. Mike mowed the field with Jessie's tractor, did a bunch of weed eating and fertilized his lawn. The lawn service will start this week, so things should look even better next time we go down. We went out to dinner, shopped and spent the night (kind of a mini vacation). We found a few yard sales Saturday morning which was fun too.

My niece Sarah came to visit Mom and Dad (her grandparents)with a special guest, her fiance Miles. They all came up to our house on Sunday afternoon for a barbecue. It was nice to see Sarah since we don't see her very often, and Miles seemed like a real nice guy. I guess we didn't scare him too bad.

I have been trying to ride Rita every evening after dinner..I really enjoy it! Our first ride she was all excited and wouldn't stay in a walk and wanted to go home, now she is calm and willing. A real pleasure to ride. We are taking it easy, getting us both in shape. I'm glad the days are so long. Next I will start working with Dixie. She is 2 and I need to teach her to lead and tie.
I don't think it will be to hard, she is a smart little filly.

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