Saturday, June 20, 2009

The View from my Back Porch

Mike got up early (12am) and started baling hay today. It took him a little over 3 hours to get it done, but it sure looks good. He came in and slept some, got up and changed sprinklers, then started picking up the hay. He uses a harrow-bed to pick it up, that is a real back saver! It is alfalfa/grass mix hay...perfect for horses and cows.

This is the field that he planted this is an oat/alfalfa mix. By the time he cuts it, the oats will be chest high.

Rocket, Dixie and Rita all agree that DH grows the best hay around!! Little Dixie is in the middle...she just turned 2!! She is almost as tall as her momma (on the right). They are all pretty sweet girls!!

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