Sunday, October 11, 2009

Barter Faire!!

We took some time off from moving and cleaning the garage out yesterday afternoon to go the Barter Faire. It had been a couple of years since we had gone, so we wanted to check it out. Jimmy came with us. There are upwards of 10,000 people that very interesting in our little neck of the woods. When we started up the hill to the faire we noticed LOTS of cars parked along the highway and at the bottom of the hill and people walking up. It is quite a walk uphill, about 3+ miles. About halfway up the hill we discovered why, the road was bumper to bumper. Up the hill ....

And down.

We finally made it in though..and we found our favorite spot to eat! Mike had a chicken broccoli crepe and I had an apple cinnamon. Yummy!

Mike and Jimmy trying to stay warm. It was clear and cold.
I thought they were going to buy a hula hoop....
This girl was quite tricky with hers.
We walked up and down the rows of
Up on the hill there are tents set up all over and people sitting in small didn't show up in my picture much though.
The shadows were getting long, we had made our way Thu the fair and it was starting to get colder, so we started our walk back to the pickup to go home.
We were parked in the very last row of cars....way back in the right hand corner of the picture. We got a good walk in.
This was my lone purchase at the faire, a batter is a match to the bowl I picked up at the faire a few years back. I was so happy to find is soo cute!

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