Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Leather Smells Great!

We are still getting settled back into our house. Our furniture came last week and we LOVE it!! I still have end tables that are coming. We went with leather this time..we haven't had leather furniture before and we are really liking it. This is the mission style recliner that Mike is claiming, and a sectional. The leather smells sooo good!

The chickens have a home again! Mike made them a deluxe house this time, it is twice the size of their old house which stayed with the house we sold. It still needs to be painted, but the hens are very happy!

On Monday Dad and I took Mom to see a neurologist, he wanted us to come back the next day to do a procedure on her, a spinal tap. We came back and she had it done and it seemed to be successful, so the next step will to see a neurosurgeon..hopefully before to long. The Dr. believes she has excess fluid causing pressure on her brain that is causing some of her problems with mobility, cognitive skills and other symptoms shes been having. ... A bit of hope.

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