Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mom's Day at the Dr.

We got an early start this morning since Mom's CT scan was at 10:20 am, then at 11 with her neurologist. On checking in we found out her appt with the neurosurgeon at 1 pm would have to be rescheduled due to an emergency surgery he had. Her neurologist was happy with her progress so far, but the CT scan showed there was some bleeding in the brain in the shunt placement site. With the fluid being drained and the pressure reduced from the brain some of the brain membrane was torn away, at least that is how I understood it. She will need to go in for a CT scan weekly so they can monitor the bleeding(her neurologist & neurosurgeon). At least that can be done here in town. We met with Uncle Clyde and Aunt Lana for lunch and catching up, then we were homeward bound.

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