Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day Weekend

On Saturday Mike had rented a little excavator and was digging his drain field ditches and irrigation water lines. Jimmy and Jessie were helping. We had sunshine, wind, thunder and rain and then sunshine again. I made chicken enchiladas and Spanish rice for dinner along with margaritas. No complaints.

What sweet kids I have This hanging planter from Jessie...beautiful, a Sweet Post from Kelly on her blog @ , and a lovely Copper accented bird feeder for my increasingly growing flock of goldfinches from Jimmy.

We had lunch with Mom & Dad for Mothers Day. Mom had got a few beautiful bouquets of flowers for Mothers Day...They are all so pretty and really cheer the house up.

She took Chopper for a little walk...he was very polite with her.

After lunch we got an added surprise of my cousin, Wendy, stopping by with her kids to visit. I hadn't seen them for years...she is still the same sweet girl, I mean Lady. Here they are with their Aunt Beryl and Chopper. Bob and Sharon(Wendy's dad and his wife), had came up last Saturday for a visit. Roy and I really do appreciate them all for coming, and I'm sure Mom does too. I am glad I got to see them!

It was a fun and busy weekend.

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