Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Plan

I tried to get enough coverage for Mom to stay home while I was gone but it just wasn't working out. On Monday afternoon I found out that there were 3 extra beds in the Nursing Home and that they would do respite care while I was gone. Since it was going to be a long holiday weekend and her Dr. would be gone on Thursday they wanted to admit her today. Probably just as well that we didn't have to think about it too long....I think it was the best choice for us all. Dad feels bad, but I'm sure it is a relief for him as she was getting more and more agitated in the evenings when they were home alone.
I just told her she would be staying there while I was gone, she helped put her clothes in the dresser and wanted to go look around. We got there around 9:45am and we walked around the halls and through the outside courtyard. She has a wrist monitor on to keep track of her if she tries to wander where she shouldn't.
Her room mate is Jean Curtis, Roy's deceased cousin Bill's wife. I don't think Mom remembers her. Her Aunt Marge came over to sit with her at lunch and visit...but, Mom isn't much on visiting and she got up to go take a walk. It was sweet of Marge though.
I left a bit after lunch to get some more of her things, when I came back a couple of hours later they had assigned her with a one on one aid. She was content holding their hand and walking all over with them. She did insist I come along though. I stayed about an hour more then told her I had to go..I gave her a hug..told I loved her and I'd be back tomorrow. She turned around with her aid and walked off.
I can tell she is confused and she is upset with me...but what do you expect. I would be annoyed too I guess. We are planning on bringing her back home when I get back, but she will have to have some one to stay with them in the evenings, and good help is hard to find.

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