Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sweet Spring Weather....Finally!

It was about 72 degrees here today....nice! My little crab apple trees are in pretty and they smell wonderful.

This is going to be my first strawberry harvest, just look at all the blooms on those plants..I can hardly wait!

Strawberry jam..strawberry shortcake..strawberry ice cream...strawberry smoothies...and fresh from the garden, dripping sweetness strawberries!!

These are the baby flowering trees I got from the Arbor Day Society..10 sad looking sticks...I am not a bit impressed. Inside the wire cage are 3 baby burning bush plants I dug up from work last fall. They made it through the winter and are leafing out.


On another note Mom had a Dr appointment today..her blood work was all great. The Dr. was really surprised at how quickly she has deteriorated since our last visit 3 months ago. She is unable to verbalize ... just a few words here and there that can be understood, she talks a lot of gibberish. So sad. She can pretty much understand everything though. The Dr sent us for a CT scan right then to see if the shunt was working properly. Mom had a hard time staying still for the scan..she had to have her head and arms strapped down....and finally I put on the lead apron and held her hand to keep her still enough to get a scan. Not like mom at all! She has always been perfectly still. Well it ended up the shunt seems to be working her symptoms are not related and will continue to get worse. Poor Dad was so disappointed...again.Not what we wanted to hear. About the only time she is still and relaxed is when we go driving. We drive up Pine Creek, to Loomis and Palmer Lake, to Oroville, Aeneas, Havillah, up Siwash Creek, on old 97, to Omak, over Talkire Lake Road and down McLaughlins Canyon. Lots of drives planned for this summer...we all enjoy our drives. I feel so fortunate that we have found a sweet lady to help care for her while I am gone to Portage la Prairie. She drives the senior bus that delivers their meals 3 days a week so she isn't a stranger to them.

Life goes On

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